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Thursday On Farm Pickup

Order Monday - Wednesday for Thursday on farm pickup.

"Super Veggie Boxes" are posted Tuesdays at noon (set an alarm they sell out fast.)

***All items must be pre ordered and paid for on our website and picked up at our farm on Thursdays from 2pm-6pm. No Exceptions. Address - 6125 Mount Pleasant Road Lincoln CA 95648. Our farm is located right in between Auburn and Lincoln. Our road (Mount Pleasant Road) is right around where Mount Vernon Road turns into Wise Road.  Pickup details will be sent by e-mail.

Unfortunately due to the seriousness of the Coronavirus situation we can not accommodate any farm tours, but you are more than welcome to walk to the top of our hill outside the gate to see the view of where your future food was grown. 



Saturday Farmers Market Pickup


Store will open back up on Thursdays at noon to pre-purchase items for farmers market pickup on Saturdays.

Please order by Friday at 3:30pm

Store is closed Friday evening - Sunday so we can update inventory.

Our sales outlets change weekly so sign up for our newsletters for up to date information. 

Thank you,

-Shanon and Michael

"Weekly Farm Box"

Additional Bulk Buys

Additional information:

*Once your order is placed you are responsible to pick-up. If your order is not picked up we will donate your produce. ​

*Yes you can use your FARMily cards to purchase items, select manual payment at checkout and I will take the amount off your card and write your remaining balance on the pick-up clip-board 

*Please return your boxes. The beautiful wax boxes we use cost us a pretty penny so we would love to reuse them throughout the farm box season.

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6125 Mount Pleasant Road

Lincoln CA 95648

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